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Medical Reimbursment & Technology Associates    

 Providing services to Medical Facilities and Medical private practices

  • Approved EDI Vendor for Novitas Medicare Part A & Part B
  • Approved EDI Vendor for Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership & Medicaid MCO's Via TMHP Portal
  • Approved EDI Vendor for BCBS of SouthCarolina PGBA, Tricare
  • Approved EDI Vendor for WPSVpcc/TriWest
  • Approved EDI Vendor for Commercial Carriers.
  • X2MED EDI Software is now ICD10 Ready
  • Continual upgrades on X2 Medical Billing Software (Linux) for HIPAA compliance
  • X2 Medical Billing EDI Software Version 4010 & Version 5010 - 837I (institutional) and 837P (professional) electronic claims submission for Acute Care and Long Term ( please contact us for a screen shot of the software)
  • 835 Electronic Remittance files
  • 276 files for Electronic Claim Status Request
  • 270 files for Electronic Eligibility & Benefits
  • Electronic claim submission for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Electronic Cerfificates of Medical Necessity
  • Electronic claim conversions.
  • Over 25 years of medical billing reimbursement management and software engineering combined

  • Reimbursement & Technology Specialist                                       HIPAA5010 Compliant by Edifecs

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  • Novitas Medicare Part A and Part B Texas

  • Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership EDI

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    Cell : 972-439-4398

    Fax: 972-784-5612

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