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Keeping up with high speed Health Insurance demands so you dont have to

X2 is a medical billing company and medical billing software developer that was created by two individuals with over 25 years combined experience in the areas that are most important to medical providers reimbursement plan. Medical billing management, technology support. Here at X2 Medical Billing we do our best to limit outsourcing any of the billing process. All claims are processed, audited and submitted with the X2 Medical Billing EDI Software. X2 Medical Billing EDI Software is HIPAA5010 Certified to support transmission of 837I (institutional) and 837P (Professional) claims. X2 Medical Billing's 837I and 837P files have been accepted by insurance companies. The X2 Medical Billing EDI Software is also submitting Ancillary claim files with successful claim conversions from Professional to Facility. All claims will be edited and filed through our software. Any technology issues are handled here at the X2 office with our data base engineer. We are able to keep up with the latest in billing technology and with all the changes in health care this is very important.
Please view software certifications below.

Medical billing services are a valuable tool forhealth care providers nationwide by eliminating the collection and claims process for the medical facility. By doing this it will allow more time for the medical providers and staff to focus on quaility patient care. It also reduces the overhead and problems associated with the turnover and hiring of qualified personnel. Your practice wont suffer from employee related illness or vacation time and there are no worries of your revenue being generated for your practice to be viewed by your employees.

We are members of several important organizations to ensure medical providers that we are doing everything possible to keep up with the constant change in all areas of health care reimbursement.

The American Medical Billing Association

The American Academy of Professional Coders

American Occupational Therapy Association

Please click on the web address to go directly to the websites and view how these organizations work with X2 Medical Billing LLC.

We are also members of a government list which allow us to remain on line with reimbursement professionals across the country who offer a wealth of health care information on a daily basis and can answer any questions concerning health care billing and we are starting to see information on the Icd 10 and the implementation of the Version 5010 that is here will once again affect your billing due to the changes that will occur with medical billing software. We plan to be on top of this issue and any other that will arise in the future.

Our job here at X2 Medical Billing reaches beyond the normal 8 hour work day. Normal working hours are 9 - 5 Monday through Friday. However if needed we do exceed those hours until processing for the day is complete.

Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership EDI / Please go to TMHP Approved EDI Vendor List Then click on EDI Version 5010 Approved Vendors

Novitas Medicare Part A and Part B click on Approved Clearinghouse Vendors

Edifecs5010 Certifications